Mini Retinol & Multi-peptide Anti-Ageing Serum

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Meet your new mini secret weapon for fighting the signs of ageing! This mini yet powerful Retinol & Multi-Peptide Serum features the holy grail for ageing, retinol that gives younger-looking skin and a youthful glow.

Minimizes signs of ageing
Boosts production of collagen
Treats age spots
Clarifies pores
Smoothens texture of the skin
Moisturises the skin

Why use this Retinol & Multi-Peptide Serum?

Key Ingredients


How to use?


— Product Related FAQ’s —

The Retinol & Multi-Peptide Serum features a pure retinol complex with multi-peptides and squalene. It helps boost collagen production, clears pores and makes the skin look smooth, firm and youthful.

The serum has been formulated keeping sensitive skin in mind to avoid cases of allergy. Additionally, the serum is formulated only with premium natural ingredients to make it suitable for all skin types.

The Retinol & Multi-peptide Serum can be used during the day or the night in your skincare routine. Apply it on a clean face and follow up with a moisturiser.

Retinol fights the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles and promotes collagen production in the skin, keeping in firm and plump. It also keeps the pores clear and makes the skin even toned.


Take 4-5 drops of the serum to cover your face and neck. Gently pat it into the skin.

1. Cleanse the inner area of your upper arm and apply 2 drops of the serum. If you're testing it after a hot shower, wait for 15 minutes to return the skin to its normal state.
2. Wait for a few minutes for the product to dry.
3. Cover the area with a bandage and wait for 24 hours before taking it off. Make sure the patch does not get wet.
4. If you do not experience any redness, itching, bumps or irritation after 24 hours, then you can safely use the product.